Help a non-profit with many diverse programs develop logos and fundraising materials on a limited budget. (2008-2013)


Claremont Forum | Claremont Farmers & Artisans Market | Prison Library Project

What we did

Although the Claremont Forum had been in action for over ten years, the volunteer organization didn’t have a logo. When they decided to move to a more public/retail building in Claremont, they needed a logo and branding that communicated the group’s mission and diverse programs. In addition to logo, signage and fundraising brochures, we produced flyers and posters for 12 art show events in the store annually, numerous book sales and created newspaper ads. It was not uncommon to pull together 30 event or promotional flyers and posters annually.

We also handled coordinating logo design, signage and marketing for their Sunday Farmers Market and pulled together all the printed materials for their community outreach program, the Prison Library Project. The Claremont Furum also needed customized business forms and IT support to help make a volunteer run organization run smoothly.

A website, social media and email marketing were established to further promote activities and raise funds. We did this work as volunteers, but mention it in our portfolio because they needed many of the core services we offer, and were a unique challenge from a marketing point of view. The work, passion and enthusiasm of a large volunteer base have helped them see consistent growth and  success. We hope our efforts helped make the organization they loved more identifiable and accessible to the community.